Images by Rina Miele


Things I've Learned No. 1: Light Changes Every Second

Things I've Learned is going to be a series of quick tips or insights that I hope you find helpful.
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One thing I've learned out in the field is that light changes every second. Sounds obvious right? Well, you have to make every second count. Especially during Golden Hour and Blue Hour.

Take a look at these shots of a Juvenile Black Skimmer. They were taken at sunrise about 1 minute apart. How crazy is that?


These Bald Eagle images were taken only a few minutes apart too. The image completely changed from cool tones to warm tones within a span of under an hour.


So what's the point? It's more than just color balance. It's light... and shadow. Notice how the light drapes on your subject. Is it evenly lit? Is there more contrast? Pay attention to those little details. Do you see a catch light in the bird's eye, where before there was none? You'll see new things and perhaps capture a moment you may have overlooked. Remember, photography is all about seeing.

Happy shooting, folks. 

Things I've LearnedRina Miele