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DJI Osmo Pocket: Real World Review (for Wildlife?)


I love video. I love creating it and editing it and turning a bunch of random footage into a story of adventure! Now, I’m new in this world, hacking together an edit as I fumble through Final Cut Pro X, but it’s certainly fun thus far. (Coming Soon: I edit a Vlog 100% on my iPad Pro using Luma Fusion)

My bird photography kit weighs in at about forty pounds as of late. I certainly don’t want another piece of gear to drag me down. So how can I shoot some behind-the-scenes/vlog style footage and show others a bit about the work that I do? Enter the DJI Osmo Pocket.

I’ve been using it for several weeks now - literally keeping this thing in my pocket the entire day. It starts up quicker than you can unlock your phone. And it’s easier to hold/manage/deal with too.

Many complain it’s too small - but not for me. I love the size. I love how I can have it with me and not even feel it. Sure the screen is tiny but it’s really only for checking framing. Honestly, the AI for tracking and focusing has gotten so good I’ve not had too much trouble.

And if you want to ask “Can you use Osmo Pocket in a professional capacity?” Well, sure? Like any other tool. Your only limitation is yourself.

It’s extremely stable. Haven’t had any problems there - DJI has perfected their suite of gimbals. The video quality is very good - for it’s size and price. Manual settings and more? Well, you have to attach your phone to access, which pretty much defeats the purpose of this device (small size and weight) but I can’t imagine DJI won’t add this to a firmware update - it’s totally doable. The settings exist - just make them more accessible to us!

Time-lapse is a bit frustrating - I’d like a bit more flexibility with the settings here too. Again, nothing that a little firmware couldn’t fix.

Yes, I’d love to capture Panoramas in RAW DNG. But it’s not a dealbreaker. This is primarily a video device.

And sure, no accessories on launch is kind of annoying too. But it’s a brand new product. Things will come. Like a custom tiny microphone. I want that. If we had a tiny dual microphone so you can gather sound from wherever your shooting (selfie or point-camera-at-subject) that’d be killer. Come on, Movo. Come on Rode. Let’s do this.

But honestly? It’s great. For what it is and what most people will be shooting with it, it is fantastic!

I’m not going to compare it to other devices because - let’s be real - it doesn’t compare. You can’t stick a Canon 1DX Mark II in your pocket. Sorry, no matter how large your cargo pants are.

So let’s stand up and give a round of applause to DJI because this thing is really great. And I’m excited about the future of the device for sure!

Anything else you’d like to know? Drop me a line.

Rina Miele